About Us

GeoPropel, headquartered in Texas, is a full-service technology consulting firm serving clients of all sizes ranging from small or medium-sized businesses to fortune 500 global corporations. At GeoPropel we understand that any investment in technology services will only bring value when technology aligns with your business strategy. We specialize in strategic IT consulting where we place special emphasis on your core business strategy and ensure that your technology solutions are driven by your overall business strategy and vision.

What do we bring to the table?
Our consultants are highly skilled professionals with advanced degrees and many years of experience in the oil and gas sector, public sector, real estate and various other domains. When you hire a consultant from us, you are not just hiring a techie but you are hiring someone who understands your business and make sure every dollar spent is aligned with your core business strategy and vision. Whether you are looking for a software developer or technical architect, we can provide you with the best talent available.

What’s next?
Are you tired of going through vendors, spending thousands of dollars and still getting nowhere near closure? It’s never too late. Please give us a call and we will set your technology into motion in the direction led by your business strategy.