iGeoAssetTM is a real time GIS monitoring tool which alerts you of changes in your Enterprise GIS environment at all times. With iGeoAsset on your side you can stay on top of any unforeseen events such as service outages or un-authorized data changes and respond quickly before these events turn into a technical support ordeal.


iGeoAssetTM is a windows-based dashboard application for monitoring GIS endpoints(services, applications etc.) that typically exist in an enterprise GIS architecture. iGeoAsset can monitor and communicate with a wide variety of ArcGIS services (MapServer, GeocodeServer etc.), OGC services( WMS, WCS etc.) applications (ArcGIS web-applications, web-adapter etc.) and geodatabases(Oracle and SQLServer). iGeoAsset’s alerting capability allows users to perform comprehensive monitoring on a given GIS endpoint, and send alerts via email or text in the event the GIS asset becomes unavailable. It also helps identify the problem that led to the service outage by cross-comparing monitoring statistics with ArcGIS server logs. iGeoAsset can be configured to collect ArcGIS server statistics on any ArcGIS Server service and perform analytics by visualizing the data with advanced charts and graphs. Installing iGeoAsset is quick and simple, doesn’t require extra configuration and is available for use in seconds from the moment installation is initiated. Please check the following sections for more information on iGeoAsset.

GIS Monitoring

iGeoAssetTM currently supports monitoring a wide-variety of GIS endpoints. Below is a comprehensive list of services, applications, databases etc. that are currently supported by the software

  • ArcGIS Server services (REST and SOAP)
    • Map service
    • Feature service
    • Geocoding service
    • Geodata service
    • Geoprocessing service
    • Geometry service
    • Globe service
    • Schematics service
    • Search service

  • Oracle Geodatabases
  • SQL Server Geodatabases
  • ArcGIS Online Services
  • ArcGIS Web-adapter
  • Portal for ArcGIS Server
  • ArcIMS Services
  • Web applications
  • Rest Services
  • SOAP Services (WSDL)

  • OGC Services
    • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
    • Web Feature Service (WFS)
    • Web Map Service (WMS)
    • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

Alerts & Notifications

The ability to add alerts is one of the most important features of iGeoAssetTM. A GIS end-point is monitored 24/7 and in the event of an outage, a notification is sent immediately via email and text messages to everyone subscribed to the alert. The software allows you to add multiple alerts on a single GIS end-point and a separate history is maintained for each alert. iGeoAsset can not only monitor an ArcGIS service 24/7 but can guarantee 24/7 availability of the service. This is accomplished by enabling the ‘Automatic restart’ capability on an alert which instructs iGeoAsset to restart the service the moment it goes down. An alert can be customized in variety of ways, such as monitoring frequency (ping every one minute, one hour , one day etc.) and pause monitoring during a known outage (for e.g. maintenance) .

Charts & Analytics

IGeoAssetTM comes with a variety of charts that will help you monitor and assess the health of different components that exist within an Enterprise GIS setup. While monitoring a GIS end-point,iGeoAsset collects and stores all the data within the proprietary database, which is later used to perform analytics and identify any issues within the system (for e.g. uptime chart, aggregated response rate chart). iGeoAsset can be configured to collect ArcGIS Statistics continuously at specified intervals. The ArcGIS statistics collected are stored within iGeoAsset’s proprietary database and can be mined for performance trends and patterns of an ArcGIS Service. IGeoAsset can be configured to collect ArcGIS server log records continuously at specified intervals. The logs retrieved are stored within iGeoAsset’s database and are used to perform comparative analysis with alert events. With alert history, ArcGIS server statistics and ArcGIS server logs all in one place, identifying the reason for a service or application outage is just one mouse click away.

Application Architecture

iGeoAssetTM is a windows-based GIS Monitoring application with SQLite on the backend, a file-based database that is pre-packaged with the application. iGeoAsset also has an embedded alert engine that runs as a service in the background. iGeoAsset is built on .NET and uses ArcGIS server rest admin api to communicate with Server for ArcGIS.

System Requirements

Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (32 bit & 64 bit)
Windows Server 2008 (32 bit & 64 bit)
Windows Server 2012

Virtualized Environments:
Citrix XenApp , Citrix XenDesktop (iGeoAsset licensing may differ from standard, when deployed in virtual environments)

Recommended Hardware Settings:
2.2 GHz CPU speed and 4 GB RAM (minimum)

Software Requirements :
.NET framework 4.5.1

1. What are the licensing options available for iGeoAssetTM?
A one-time fee that includes first year annual maintenance. After one year, you can purchase yearly maintenance to receive upgrades and support or continue using the version you have purchased at no charge.   For more information or to get a quote, please call 1-713-338-3441 or submit a request for sales quote under pricing tab.


  1. Do you charge based on number of monitoring points ?

Absolutely not. Unlike our competitors we don’t charge you based on the monitoring points being monitored. with iGeoAssetTM there is no restriction on number of servers, services, websites or other endpoints you can monitor with one license. Typically one would need just a single installation (single license) of iGeoAsset per organization to monitor everything in their enterprise GIS in the organization assuming all the servers etc. are accessible over the network from the machine where iGeoAsset is installed.


  1. Where is your company located ?

GeoPropel, LLC is Houston based company incorporated in the State of Texas, USA. You can find our address at the bottom of any page on our website http://www.geopropel.com and also under the ‘Contact us’ section. When you open the website, just scroll all the way to the bottom.


  1. Is this software stand-alone or does it require any ESRI licenses ?

iGeoAsset is a standalone .NET application.  iGeoAsset offers what we call ‘Agentless’ monitoring which means that it doesn’t require you to install any specific agent (software) on the servers that need to be monitored. iGeoAsset is the only software you install to get your GIS monitoring up and running.


  1. Does this software require a public IP?



  1. How many Network Interfaces (NIC) does this software require?



  1. Does the software require special Administrative permissions to install and manage?

No, the software can be installed and run under non-admin roles. As far as the monitoring is concerned, no administrative privileges are required.  However, we highly recommend running the iGeoAsset dashboard application as administrator i.e. ‘Run as Administrator’.  There is some functionality in the application that requires the application to run under admin privileges.


  1. Do you have 24/7 phone and/or web support?

Yes – we offer 24/7 email (web) support. We currently offer phone support during regular business hours M-F (8-5) CST.  However we will try our best to accommodate any support calls outside normal business hours.


  1. Do you offer maintenance contacts?

Yes – a dedicated maintenance contact.


  1. Do you have a list of firewall ports and protocol that need to be opened?

For the alert notification to work, you must configure the SMTP server and email address in iGeoAsset.  Depending upon the port your company uses for SMTP 587 or 25, the port should be opened for iGeoAsset to send alert notification emails.


  1. What are the System Requirements for iGeoAsset?

Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012

Virtualized Environments:
Citrix XenApp , Citrix XenDesktop, VMWare (iGeoAsset licensing may differ from standard, when deployed in virtual environments with more than one concurrent user)

Recommended Hardware Settings:
2.2 GHz CPU speed and 4 GB RAM (minimum)

           Software Requirements :
.NET framework 4.5.1

You can also find this information under ‘System Requirements’ on http://www.geopropel.com/igeoasset/


 12. How easy is it to install iGeoAsset compared to other GIS monitoring tools  in the market?

Getting iGeoAsset up and running involves simple straight forward installation and requires no additional efforts.

Please visit our latest blog post Configuring your ArcGIS Server  Monitoring in Two Minutes to find out how you

can install and configure iGeoAsset in just two minutes.


13. Do you need to know programming or web-development to use iGeoAsset ?

No, you don’t need to know programming or web-development to work with iGeoAsset. You don’t have to be technically savvy to use iGeoAsset. In other words iGeoAsset is built to work for you and not the other way.


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